Usage Agreement

OVERVIEW from the Agreement


This Agreement grants you the right to:

  • Print, paint, copy or render licensed image on canvas, paper or other mediums for distribution;
  • Incorporate images larger than 1200 x 800 pixels within an offline, distributed software program;
  • Incorporate images into online software and electronic templates such as electronic greeting cards, content management software, web page builders, at a resolution no greater than 1200 x 800 pixels.
  • Incorporate Images into advertising materials, posters and trade show signage, where the surface area of such is larger than 7.5 square feet, for use in promoting the sale of other products or services (as opposed to promoting the sale of the prints, posters, etc. containing the Images), provided that the image is an integrated, supportive part of your project or product and not the definitive part of such prints and/or posters and/or other reproductions.
  • Use Images for a purpose not described by any of the above but pertaining to the manufacture, resale and distribution of a product so long as such product does not violate any other clause hereunder, in particular those clauses under Part II. (See AGREEMENT Downloaded with Purchase)

Images purchased with Extended License are subject to the following restrictions:

[YES] Can be used for website design work, mini site templates, ecovers, headers, banners etc. – and your work using the images can be resold as templates as long as the image is NOT the bulk of the design. In other words, if your design would also allow your buyers to use the image in totality, that’s a violation.

[YES] Can use images for art projects, craft projects, within ebooks, on documents, calendars, mugs, mousepads and other physical products. Your physical products can be sold with no other associated fees on the images.

[NO] Can add the images to any paid or free membership site or distribute these images in any way

[NO] Can resell the images as a package online, you must significantly work with the images as in creating physical products or website templates before reselling the images.

[NO] Can break package up and create new smaller packages

[NO] Can be edited completely and Your Name put on it

[NO] Can be given away

[NO] Can be packaged with other products to be sold as a bundle

[NO] Can be offered as a bonus with an existing paid product

[NO] Can be offered through auction sites

[NO] Can sell Resell Rights

[NO] Can sell Master Resale Rights

[NO] Can sell Private Label Rights

[NO] Can Claim Original Copyright